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Object #13 / Mathilde and Klara Zemlinsky, Arnold Schönberg

Payerbach, summer 1901
Photo: Heinrich Schönberg
Glossy collodion print

Arnold Schönberg Center, Wien

Mathilde Schönberg (* Zemlinsky) (1877, Wien – 1923, Wien)
Sister of Arnold Schönberg’s teacher Alexander Zemlinsky, Schönberg’s first wife

Klara Zemlinsky (* Semo) (1848, Sarajevo –1912, Berlin)
Mother of Alexander and Mathilde Zemlinsky, Schönberg’s mother-in-law.

Arnold Schönberg (1874, Wien – 1951, Los Angeles)
Composer, writer, painter, teacher, theoretician, inventor, leading figure of the Viennese School, pioneer of the twelve-tone method, elementary event in more recent music history

Heinrich Schönberg (1882, Wien – 1941, Salzburg)
Schönberg’s brother, opera singer, amateur photographer

Original prints are sometimes added to our collections, though, such as when two of the oldest photographs of Schönberg, probably taken in 1901 by his brother Heinrich in Payerbach.

Schönberg’s brother Heinrich frequently used photo plates made of glass: prior to the introduction of celluloid film toward the end of the 19th century, glass was the preferred carrier material for photochemical emulsion. After that, glass plate negatives were used predominantly due to their durability and outstandingly high reproduction quality when employed correctly.

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