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Object #65 / Arnold Schönberg: Burial of Gustav Mahler

Oil on canvas
Catalogue raisonné 153


“[…] Yesterday, in the rural idyll of Grinzing, outwith the city, where Mahler wished to be interred near his prematurely deceased child, in the sad greyness of a cool and rainy May afternoon, the tragedy of the early death of a great artist and extraordinary character reached its conclusion. […]” (Gustav Mahler. Das Leichenbegängnis, in Österreichische Volkszeitung [23. Mai 1911])

“[…] And on this last journey too, the heavens opened and rain poured down on the cortege. […] It was moving how all was still as the coffin was lowered into the depths. It was as though the world was holding its breath. Then Moll, the painter, and Rosé, the concert leader, stepped towards the grave and threw the first handfuls of earth onto the silver coffin and still there was no noise and the sound of the falling lumps of earth was muffled […]”(Das Leichenbegängnis Gustav Mahlers, in Neues Wiener Journal [23. Mai 1911], Nr. 6315, p. 3).

This painting will not be shown in the current exhibition "With Schönberg into Nature" at the Arnold Schönberg Center.

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