V061: A Survivor from Warsaw; Kammersymphonie, op. 9

Non-commercial, VHS (PAL), in English (1984), 31:35.
Gift of Nuria Schoenberg Nono

A production of Südwestfunk, Baden-Baden

Credits below.

Time Description
0:00 Credits
0:20 Stein takes the podium and A Survivor from Warsaw begins.
8:05 Piece ends, titles
8:45 "Orchesterwerkstatt: Erich Leinsdorf mit dem Sinfonieorchester des Südwestfunks"
9:15 Leinsdorf joins the orchestra already on stage and begins op. 9
12:35 Rehearsal 21
18:40 Rehearsal 67
24:20 Rehearsal 86
27:50 Rehearsal 102
End of piece, applause, bows
31:35 End of tape


A Survivor from Warsaw
Baritone: Hermann Prey
Bamberger Symphoniker
Conductor: Horst Stein

Kammersymphonie, op. 9
Sinfonieorchester des Südwestfunks
Conductor: Erich Leinsd