V069: Fifth Annual FASI (Friends of the Arnold Schoenberg Institute)
Membership Party

Non-commercial, VHS (NTSC), color (16 June 1990), 85:30.

Time Description
0:00 Titles: Honorary lifetime memberships presented to Pia Gilbert and Leon Kirchner. Guests arrive and mingle at Schoenberg's Rockingham home.
3:20 Judith Rosen interviews Randy Schoenberg and Bert Schoenberg (no relation)
6:00 More mingling guests and Schoenberg garden
7:50 Guests take their seats and Gerald Turbow begins the afternoon program. He introduces various attendees.
9:00 Leonard Stein, Director of the ASI, addresses the audience, describes the honorees' contributions to musical life.
11:50 Turbow calls Judith Rosen to the microphone, who announces the new officers: President, Gerald Turbow; Vice-President/Academic Affairs, Dorothy Crawford; Vice-President/Fundraising, Jan Feinmann; Recording Secretary, Lucretia Claren; Corresponding Secretary, Eviva Ellis Nemier; Treasurer, William Adler
13:00 Turbow returns and thanks those who helped the Friends this year.
17:20 Rosen returns to make presentations. She introduces Pia Gilbert and describes many of her contributions and life experiences. Rosen presents her with a plaque and a membership pin.
27:30 Pia Gilbert makes a few comments.
34:30 Turbow returns to the microphone and extends further greetings to Gilbert from far-away friends and relatives.
35:50 Dorothy Crawford introduces Leon Kirchner and recounts his contributions and connection to Schoenberg.
39:45 Kirchner comes forward to accept his pin and plaque. He makes a few comments, tells stories about his experiences with Mrs. Schoenberg, with fencing, and with his house in Cambridge. He also describes the atmosphere at UCLA during Schoenberg's tenure there and the creative tension that existed between Schoenberg and Stravinsky and their students.
1:04:00 Kirchner concludes and Rosen introduces Richard Fish, who presents the honorees with his photos of Schoenberg.
1:05:30 Turbow thanks those board members who prepared the day's events, announces a performance of Moses und Aron in New York, and makes further announcements. He invites the guests to enjoy the afternoon.
Rosen introduces various guests: Lawrence and Anne Schoenberg, Anne Hummel (BBC), Barbara Schoenberg, Judith Shapiro, Albie Zerko, Sadie, Ron Schoenberg, Mitzi and Norman Rosenblatt (Mitzi is Leon Kirchner's first cousin), William Powell, Mark McGurdy, John Naples, Mimi Gimpel (widow of Jakob Gimpel), Maury Pullen, Sheila Grether, Peg Weiss (Getty Scholar), Volker Weiss, Günther and Elizabeth Dinkelmeyer (Goethe Institute), Dee Stevens, Peter Marsh, Bertram and Erna Sheldon
1:25:30 End